OUR History
A brand built on Indian family values, where food is love

Geeta Samtani and her husband Beni created Geeta’s Foods in the early 90s. That first chutney was born from a family recipe handed down through generations and brought to an appreciative audience of food-lovers. Because of Geeta’s passion for cooking and fondness for sharing food with family and friends, word quickly spread around her London neighbourhood about her magical home-made chutneys. Fans were so passionate about it that her flagship Premium Mango Chutney became affectionately known as “bottled gold”.


Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney - the stuff that dreams are made of....

Geeta and Beni’s time living in the Caribbean helped them perfect their traditional recipe, using fruit from the abundant mango trees in their garden. Today, Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney exquisitely blends sweet chunks of the finest Indian mangoes with an excitingly subtle yet vibrant balance of spices.

Growing up

It was clear that Geeta’s prized mango chutney had outgrown her London kitchen. Geeta and Beni needed to find somewhere to make the chutney that could keep up with the demand but not compromise in any way on its unique flavour and texture. The answer was obvious - India. Nowhere else could offer the same freshness of spices, the expertise to blend them and very best mangoes around.

In 1993, Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney launched in UK supermarkets in its iconic, hexagonal jars.

The magical moment

The life changing moment happened when Geeta took her chutneys to a trade show in the UK. A buyer from a leading UK supermarket chain stopped to taste them. So impressed was he, that he offered to take the mango chutney then and there.



Taste integrity and innovation

Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney was an instant success with shoppers, and more supermarkets soon took it on. Geeta added more of her best-loved flavours to the range including....

Lime & Chilli ,Tamarind, Pineapple,
Papaya & Orange, Onion,
Premium Mango & Ginger, Mango & Chilli.

Once tasted each and every one soon became firm favourites, picking up an array of Great Taste awards along the way.

New breakthroughs

Geeta sought new ways to help her growing army of followers recreate the real flavours of India in their meals at home. Drawing on her knowledge of Indian cooking techniques and love of authentic flavour, she launched our innovative Spice and Stir cooking sauce range. Packaged in a jar that combines a wet sauce with a pot of fresh Indian spices sitting on top, Spice and Stir captures The Real Flavour of India, giving discerning fans of the cuisine an easy way to cook up a genuine Indian feast at home.

Celebrating regional Indian cuisines

Next came Curry Creations, a range of concentrated pastes inspired by regional Indian dishes such as Shakuti from Goa, Nizami Korma from Southern India and Bengali dishes. Geeta’s Curry Creations offer an exciting adventure into the culinary delights of lesser known regional Indian cuisines.
Soon demand was coming in from overseas, and we began to export across Europe and to Japan and the USA. Now people all around the world enjoy Geeta’s products.

Celebrating 20 Years with a striking new look

To mark our 20th anniversary celebrations, Geeta was keen to develop a new look that would unequivocally distinguish it as an authentically Indian brand. In 2013 the whole range was re-launched in distinctive, Indian turquoise. The vibrant new colour was applauded by fans and has enabled Geeta’s to stand out better on shelf.

The arrival of curry paste pouches

To round off our anniversary celebrations, Geeta’s introduced a range of delicious Indian cooking pastes in innovative pouches in popular flavours such as Korma, Madras and Tikka. Responding to the growing trend to part scratch cook and increasing consumer concerns over wastage, our pastes allow you to cook up restaurant quality Indian meals for two in less than 30 minutes.