Real Indian Food, inspired by a Real Indian Family

Image of Geeta Samtani


a real indian mum who cooks a mouth watering curry and serves it up with oodles of love

Geeta was born into a Bollywood family. Theatre, passion and entrepreneurialism ran in her blood. Geeta’s father was a strong influence in her early years. He had set up an Indian film distribution business. After studying law in Mumbai, she got married.

Spurred on by her father’s dream to spread Bollywood films across the world, Beni and Geeta moved to the Caribbean. Their new home in Trinidad was an ideal location to distribute Bollywood films across the Caribbean region and Latin America.

It was during this time that Geeta’s passion for cooking really took off. The abundance of mango trees that grew in their garden let her finely hone her family’s exquisite mango chutney recipe, and bountiful Caribbean hospitality meant she had plenty of opportunities to entertain and test her rapidly evolving cooking skills on guests.

When Geeta and Beni later moved to London she continued to make her mango chutney and greatly encouraged by her friends and neighbours enthusiasm for her chutneys they set up Geeta’s Foods.

Geeta works full time in the business, doing what she does best, creating wonderfully authentic Indian recipes and meals. She is continually experimenting at home with new recipes that she loves to share with family and friends.

Beni also works full time and is very involved in all areas of the business.


branding expertise with her mother's creative flair

Anita, having set up a highly successful PR and Marketing business in the Caribbean, came to the UK in 2003 to help out in the next phase as the business grew up. She leads the company’s brand, communications and gets involved in all new business development.


an accountant yet with her mum's extraordinary culinary talents

Younger daughter Ashwina has finely honed accountancy skills gained from her tenure at Pricewater House Coopers. But, like her mother Geeta, she is an exceptional cook, and is a superb sounding board for Geeta for new recipe concepts or flavours.


Ashwina has two children, so it’s not at all uncommon to see the next generation in the office, delighting their doting grandparents and Auntie and bringing a healthy dose of fun.