Indian food packed full of aromatic spices and a big serving of love

This is where you can really share our passion for Indian food and learn some novel cooking tips straight from Geeta Samtani herself. Geeta has opened up her family recipe book so you can share all the delicious flavours that Indian food has to offer.

Every month we’ll be adding new ideas and recipes for you to try at home and enjoy with family and friends.

And remember the most important ingredient when cooking is to have fun! We’d love to hear from you, so do share your recipes, photographs, anecdotes and experiences of Indian cooking. Either email them to us directly or post them on our Facebook page.



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Chicken Tikka

If you love curry, this is a must. The perfect recipe for when you have friends over. Great served with naan or rice.

Paneer and Mango Triangles

A very well known and popular Indian snack, bursting with lots of flavour.  The perfect summer or winter time snack.

Tikka Masala Fish

If you love Chicken Tikka you are sure to love this.